Rick Peters studied intaglio printmaking, and developed his talent at Fort Hays State University in Kansas where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. His work has numerous international admirers among collectors, critics, and art lovers. Rick and his family live in the Elk River Valley in Northern Colorado, where he established the Ten Feathers Studio.

Artist Statement

Art is my creative and expressive outlet. All other forms of communication are difficult, but I can express my innermost thoughts and feelings through my art. I’m doing it to satisfy a need within my soul. Drawing helps me record my thoughts, painting helps me explore the relationship between texture and light, and my sculpture lets me play. The natural world provides a starting point, but images come from within and don’t attempt to replicate a natural event.

Recently I’ve begun to enjoy allowing the shape of the format influence the evolution of a piece. My earlier work was inspired by a moment in history. Now I like to connect to an object and bring out what I feel is within it.

When my work is going well I have an overwhelming sense of well-being. When people see my work I like an active reaction rather than complacency, or people finding the work “interesting.”

I enjoy including elements that allow people to be creative and interact with the work in their individual way.

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